Philosophical Psychology


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Magnificent Course on Thomistic Philosophy

The Philosophy of Human Nature

By Dr. Raphael Waters, D.Ph., L.Ph., Ph.C.

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How many deadly errors in society and in Church life are widespread today because the majority of Catholics do not know the most basic truths on the Nature of Man! Dr. Raphael Waters delivers a magnificent course on Philosophical Psychology, a classic branch of philosophical science based on the teachings of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas. 

Dr. Waters is truly a repository of the best of the past 2500 years of Western thought. He offers a necessary education all Catholics should receive, but are woefully deprived of, due to the current crisis of Faith among hierarchy, clergy and all branches of Catholic education.

Philosophical Psychology answers questions such as:

• What is a “Principle of Reason”?
• How do we know plants and animals do not possess intelligence?
• Is “soul” strictly a religious word?
• What is knowledge?
• What is the “sensitive knowledge” found in animals?
• What are the five external senses?
• What are the four internal senses?
• What are dreams?
• What are the appetites and the passions?
• What is the real difference between plants, animals and man?
• Why is there an infinite distance between animal and man?
• Do animals have “rights”?
• What is the “intellectual knowledge” found in man?
• What is the act of reasoning?
• What are the intellectual virtues?
• How do we prove the spirituality of the human intellect?
• How do we prove the immortality of the human soul?
• How do we prove the freedom of the human will?
• What is happiness?
• What is the true nature of Education?
• What are the philosophical difficulties with the theory of Evolution?
• What is the “final end” of man?
• Much more…

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