Spectacular Course in Thomistic Metaphysics Now Available

By Dr. Raphael Waters, D.Ph., L.Ph., Ph.C. As audio download with class notes.

Course encompasses Ontology (the science of Metaphysics); Natural Theology  (Proofs of the Existence of God); and Epistemology (On Knowledge and Certitude).

Why Study Dr. Waters’ Course on Metaphysics?

*  Because Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical against Modernism said that scholasticism (Thomistic philosophy) is THE REMEDY to Modernism;
* Because Pius X further warned in his encyclical against Modernism that professors “cannot set aside St. Thomas, especially in metaphysical questions, without grave disadvantage”;
* Because Metaphysics helps you recognize what is true, good and beautiful;
* Because Metaphysics helps you to think clearly;
* Because Metaphysics is the science of being as being; the science on which ALL science is based;
* Because Dr. Waters makes metaphysics understandable to the average man;
* Because the course includes magnificent elucidations on St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Five Ways” to prove the existence of God;
* Because Metaphysics is the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Present-day Western civilization now falters because it rejects true philosophy and true metaphysics;
* Because those who have taken the course say they now find it easier to read St. Thomas Aquinas, the prince of theologians;
* Because it is nearly impossible to find a sound Thomistic philosopher in a present-day Catholic university or seminary. Dr. Waters’ degree in Philosophy is one of the highest that can be conferred, it is both civil and canonical;
* Because Dr. Waters studied under the eminent Father Austin Woodbury who was a student of the great Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP, perhaps the top Thomist of the 20th Century. There are few today with such a rich pedigree in learning;
* Because it roots you to the past, stretching back to St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine and Aristotle;
* Because the course is An audio download. You can listen to it almost anywhere and learn at your own pace;
* Because the course is structured so as to require no previous background in philosophy.
* Because metaphysics gives you the “common-sense whys” behind Church teaching;
* Because prior to Vatican II, great Thomistic theologians such as Father Garrigou Lagrange, Father David Greenstock and Father Anthony Lee, called for a Revival of Thomism to counter the modernist New Theology then gaining ground. This Revival never happened and the New Theology has momentarily triumphed.  Your participation in this course on metaphysics can be the beginning of the Thomistic Revival these great men had envisioned;
* Because Dr. Waters applies metaphysics to daily life, with applications to the philosophy of human nature and ethics;
* Because Dr. Waters keeps things buoyant with his lively sense of humor;
* Because your Catholic formation is seriously deficient without a study of true metaphysics.

“I have taken this course and can testify to the high caliber of the teacher and subject matter.” – John Vennari, Editor, Catholic Family News

“It was uplifting to be hear such a fine erudite man as Dr. Waters, and for a glorious few minutes I felt like a citizen in the realm of Christendom!” – E.V., Philadelphia, PA

“Dr. Waters reminds me of the Book of Deuteronomy’s description of the aged Moses: ‘His eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated’.” – J.B., Post Falls, ID.

“These philosophy courses are a constant companion in my car.”, P.L., La Cross, WI

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