Foundations of Metaphysics

A lecture series on fundamental principles and teachings
of metaphysics according to St. Thomas Aquinas.

Superb Series of Lectures in Thomistic Philosophy
By Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.

Co-founder of the Aquinas School of Philosophy with Dr. Raphael Waters
11 Classes with Course Notes

Dr. Bonnette is a clear, logical teacher who gives you every link in the chain of argumentation. There is a great sense of completion and satisfaction when listening to Dr. Bonnette’s lectures. Pope St. Pius X said that Thomisim is THE REMEDY to Modernism. Learn what our Catholic schools should have been teaching us. Become part of the much needed Thomistic revival.


• The Natural Metaphysics of Human Intelligence
• Central Principle: Being only comes from Being
• Real Distinction Between Essence and Existence
• First Cause and Intermediate Causes
• Natural Theology: The Study of the Creator of All Being
• Our Knowledge of God’s Essence: The Threefold Way
• Divine Attributes
• Two Key Concepts of Divine Attributes: Simplicity and Eternity
• The Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom
• Good and the Problem of Evil
• Correlations of Philosophical Doctrines 

“Dr. Bonnette is one of the most logical teachers I’ve ever known. His courses on
Thomistic Philosophy are magnificent. He is especially gifted in showing
the manifold errors of atheism and the errors of scientific materialism.”
– John Vennari, Catholic Family News 

All Courses Are Available Solely As Audio Downloads, We Are Not Currently Selling CD Sets