New Book from Dr. Bonnette: Rational Responses to Skepticism

Dr. Dennis Bonnette has devoted much of his life to defending the use of reason against naturalistic arguments against God. Throughout the years, he has written many articles on topics concerning the problem of evil, proofs for the existence of God, and many more topics crucial to maneuver our naturalistic age.

Rational Responses to Skepticism: A Catholic Philosopher Defends Intellectual Foundations for Traditional Belief is a compilation of recent articles and essays he wrote to address common, vexing philosophical questions.

A master of clarity and precision, Dr. Bonnette’s firm grasp of reality makes his calm, Thomistic explanations succinct, thorough, and thrilling. Written for the layperson, the articles included in this book are accessible to those who do not have a background in philosophy. The full-size font, soft white pages, and ample margins throughout the text enhance the readability of this useful book. Praise to the publisher for taking no shortcuts.

From the jacket of the book:

“Following an avalanche of spirited criticism from skeptics, agnostics, and atheists, who have provided forceful intellectual attacks against Thomistic philosophy and Catholic apologetics – including objections posed by naturalism and contemporary analytic philosophy, Dr. Bonnette has assembled a collection of his most salient articles containing a reasoned defense of the Catholic faith. These articles are organized within this book into sections that (1) demonstrate the weaknesses of today’s philosophy of naturalism, (2) defend epistemological certitudes and metaphysical universal principles, (3) study man — the unique spiritually-souled animal, (4) prove God’s existence, (5) examine God’s nature, (6) solve the problem of evil, (7) defend natural law ethics, and finally, (8) rationally examine various revealed realities — from Adam and Eve to modern-day miracles. A must-read for Catholics who want reasoned responses to common criticisms of classical theism and their faith”

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